Why do business with Secunia?

Secunia offers channel partners an innovative, award-winning series of vulnerability intelligence solutions and vulnerability management and patch management tools, as well as access to industry-renowned vulnerability research capabilities.

Secunia Partner Program

Why partner with Secunia?

Secunia is dedicated to the channel network and committed to helping Secunia Partners

Vulnerability data

Attain attractive margins as part of our partner benefits program

Reliable data to support your offerings

Increase profits by offering best-in-class products

Reduce operations costs

Capitalize on the increased public and corporate awareness surrounding vulnerability management and patch management

Increase your brand reputation

Broaden their portfolio



Accurate software detection

Offer high quality and respected solutions

Correlation with Secunia’s vulnerability intelligence

Leverage dedicated sales and marketing support

Introduce a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

Rely on a committed partner

Strengthen customer loyalty by offering more products

Rely on a committed partner

Expand services and overall business, and thus realize new revenue opportunities

Secunia CEO Peter Colsted

We are committed to a 100% channel-based sales model, building simple, effective and honest partnerships.

To provide our partners with local support and knowledge, Secunia is working with selected Secunia Certified Distribution Partners in each region who help us build, develop and manage the Secunia channel. Our Certified Distribution Partners are responsible for the regional fulfillment of our Channel Partner Program.

Read CEO Peter Colsted's blog post about the channel strategy