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Personal Software Inspector (PSI)
Personal Software Inspector for Android
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Free PC and mobile security for your home

Insecure software is one of the biggest threats to PC and mobile security. Use the FREE consumer products from Secunia to keep your software up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

Free computer security software

Secunia PSI

Download the Secunia PSI for 1 user and start scanning your computer for weaknesses that cybercriminals can exploit.

How does it work?
Secunia PSI automatically installs software updates to keep the data on your PC secure.

Free Download

Personal Software Inspector for Android (PSI)

Free computer security software for you and your family

Secunia PSI for Android

Download the Secunia PSI for Android for one user and start scanning your smartphone for weaknesses that leaves it open to hackers.

How does it work?
Secunia PSI for Android scans third-party apps downloaded from Google Play as well as apps from external sources.

Free Download
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Compare our PC security software products

Not sure about which Secunia product is right for you? Here you can see a quick summary of the features and benefits of our PC security tools to help understand the differences between them.

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What our reviewers say

“Secunia PSI won't do away with the need to run a good antivirus program and firewall on your PC. But it provides a solid layer of free protection that no PC should do without”.
PC World

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What the analysts say

“Secunia takes an active responsibility towards educating the market in understanding the importance of vulnerabilities and patching on a daily basis...”
Frost & Sullivan, 2011

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Secunias role in PC security

Our security software is developed by industry experts, researching the risks to users from programs on their computer and quickly reacting to ensure the software companies develop updates to secure PCs against them as soon as possible.

Most importantly, our personal computer tools are free, making it easier for you to secure all your home computers. Our mission is to ensure PC security worldwide for millions of users and we donít think that you should have to pay for it.

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