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LO - Landsorganisationen i Danmark , The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, is the largest national trade union confederation in Denmark and is recognised as the most representative workers' organisation in both the private and the public sector.

LO's main objective is to handle employee interests vis-a-vis employers and authorities. Through its cooperation with associations, cartels and other trade union organisations, LO seeks to influence the government and the political parties when it comes to drafting and implementing legislation, especially in relation to labour market policies.

In its role of coordinator in relation to central collective bargaining, LO strives to secure common, overall demands. The Danish trade union movement has already achieved a wide range of its objectives.


Region Sealand

Region Zealand, through its special location - and through dialogue and knowledge sharing - create the best environment for sustainable growth and quality of life. Region Zealand represents 17 municipalities in Denmark with a budget of $16 billion a year.


Dansk Film Institut

The Danish Film Institute is the government agency responsible for supporting and encouraging film and cinema culture in Denmark.

DFI allocates subsidies for the development, production, distribution and marketing of national films. Support programmes also include film education and international promotion. The DFI archives include a Library, a Stills & Posters Archive and Film Archive, and the DFI also runs the Filmhouse open to the public, including the Cinematheque.



Texel is an island in the northwest of The Netherlands. The island has around 13,600 inhabitants, however annually it welcomes almost 1,000,000 tourists, who enjoy the hospitality and beautiful scenery of the island. The municipality of Texel is proud of its roots, and cooperates closely with the inhabitants, organizations and companies on and outside the island. Customer focus is one of the key elements in the organization. The municipality of Texel has 200 employees.


European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. ESA is an international organisation with 20 Member States. By coordinating the financial and intellectual resources of its members, it can undertake programmes and activities far beyond the scope of any single European country. ESA has a staff of more than 2,000 employees.

Read the success story here


North Carolina Department of Transportation

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is one of North Carolina’s largest state government agencies, with more than 14,000 employees. NCDOT works hard to provide high-quality transportation for travelers throughout North Carolina, including highways, rail, aviation, ferries, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and public transit.


Bayerisches Landesamt für Finanzen

Bayerisches Landesamt für Finanzen helps you get any kind of subject-related information from the entire field of official statistics which also ensures coordination in the case of requests for cross-sectional statistics. The office collects information such as:

  • the relevant publications of the statistical offices both domestic and foreign
  • statistics of other non-official institutions
  • literature on statistical methodology
  • standard literature on economics and social sciences
  • the most important journals of information and communication technology

The office provides online catalogues and card indices for your research. Additionally a competent advisory service will help to find the literature you need.



GTK, microsoft patch management, network security, patch manager, security scanner, endpoint security, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) produces and disseminates geological information for industry and society to promote systematic and sustainable use of crustal resources and the national geological endowment. GTK serves as Finland’s national geoscientific information centre and participates actively in international research and project work. GTK is an agency of Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The Survey was established in 1885.


Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, microsoft patch management, network security, patch manager, security scanner, endpoint security, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) is a government department of Mississippi, headquartered in Jackson. MDAC regulates and promotes agricultural-related businesses within Mississippi, and was created by the Mississippi Legislature in 1906. The mission of MDAC is to regulate and promote agricultural-related businesses within the state and to promote Mississippi's products throughout both the state and the rest of the world for the benefit of all Mississippi citizens.


Luxembourg Army, microsoft patch management, network security, patch manager, security scanner, endpoint security, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention

The Luxembourg Army is the national military of Luxembourg (the Gendarmerie was merged into the Grand Ducal Police in 2000). It was formerly commanded by a colonel, but as of 2008 is commanded by a General; Luxembourg has no navy (the country is landlocked) or air force, although it does have aircraft. The army has been an all-volunteer force since 1967. It has a current strength of approximately 450 professional soldiers, about 340 enlisted recruits and 100 civilians. The army is under civilian control. The Commander-in-Chief is the Grand Duke, but day-to-day responsibility for defence matters is vested in the Minister for Defence, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration. The two highest-grade members of the Luxembourg Army are the Grand-Duke and the "Chef d'Etat Major".


Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, microsoft patch management, network security, patch manager, security scanner, endpoint security, endpoint protection, intrusion prevention

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen is a province located in the northwest of Belgium, and Gent is the capital. The official language in Oost-Vlaanderen is Flemish, and it has a population of 1.458.872 inhabitants, spread across 65 municipalities, and covers an area of around 3,000 km2. Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen is well known for several, famous bicycle races like Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, Dwars door Vlaanderen, Gent-Wevelgem, De Ronde van Vlaanderen (part of the Flanders Classics) which pass through the region. The province boasts some of the most exciting stages for the professional bicycle racers.

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