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Vulnerability Intelligence
Scanning & Patch Management

Vulnerability Intelligence - VIM Customer Testimonials


“By integrating Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) in our Security Analytics Center we have improved our ability to proactively use the intelligence that is provided by Secunia to assess and react to threats toward KMD’s infrastructure. Secunia VIM plays a key role - together with our other Security Intelligence sources – in our ability to stay ahead of the security threats that we are faced with on a daily basis”

- Jan Olaf Olsen, CISO, KMD A/S


European Space Agency

“The VIM provides our CERT team the timely vulnerability information they need to focus on managing IT incidents, rather than hunting down information”

- Angelika Mann, ESA CERT Service Manager

Read the success story here


Tucson Electric Power

“By having a central place to go to find all security vulnerabilities for devices across the utility spectrum from generation, transmission, distribution, physical security and information technology, it greatly reduces the manual effort involved in meeting the requirement to assess all vulnerabilities & patches within 30 days of release. There are automated reports that go out to the groups who do the patch assessment and their assessment is entered into Secunia VIM...”

- Lisa Capristo, IT Security & Compliance manager, Tucson Electric Power

Read the success story here



“Bankart's approach to strengthening IT security involved addressing the question about how to best deal with exposure to vulnerabilities for which patches from vendors do not yet exist. Information is available from different resources, but there is still a problem from a management perspective; for example, what were the actual vulnerabilities in a specific period of time? Did we successfully handle all of them? We were searching for a centralised solution that would provide not only the necessary intelligence about how to deal with vulnerabilities, but would also simplify the process involved.

Bankart found that the Secunia VIM is the right product for us as it is designed to meet our vulnerability intelligence and management needs. It provides crucial real-time intelligence and good coverage for products/vendors, and is very easy to manage and set up – no additional hardware was needed. All of our expectations were covered. Its design interface is very well designed and there is good risk evaluation for every new vulnerability, therefore managing this information and generating reports is really easy. I would recommend the Secunia VIM for any environment where information security is critical. ”

- Bojan Ostanek, Information Security Officer, Bankart



"The vulnerability research service provided by Secunia is very extensive and the coverage of software is making our processes more efficient. Especially the possibility to restrain the flood of information to only the software we use speeds up our vulnerability management process.

We are using the information on security vulnerabilities to assess potential threats to our systems and to define measures that need to be taken to limit potential risks. Secunia's services have proven to be particularly valuable to us."

- Security Manager, AREVA NP GmbH, Erlangen (Germany)


Commerz Bank

"Commerzbank is the second largest credit institution in Germany, and one of Europe's major banks. With the merging of Dresdner Bank into Commerzbank in May 2009, Commerzbank is now additionally one of the leading banks for private and corporate customers in Germany. The new Commerzbank has a total of 1,200 branches with around 14,5 million private and corporate customers worldwide.

Commerzbank group's CERT has chosen a long-term subscription to the Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) as a meta feed. The undisputed quality of the Secunia feed makes the intelligence actionable across all platforms, regardless of vendors. Such intensive research is currently not provided by the software vendors themselves.

This stream of accurate alerts helps Commerzbank CERT providing timely alerts together with appropriate remedies and mitigations to our customers worldwide. Commerzbank's collaboration with Secunia has proved to be an efficient and cost-effective service over time."

- Head of Threat Analysis & Forensic


Deutsche Bundesbank

"Secunia has been assisting the Bundesbank in vulnerability management for quite a while by providing information on security vulnerabilities in infrastructure components and standardised applications, assessing potential damage, and indicating what measures can be taken to limit potential IT risks.

Thanks to the high quality of the information provided and the rapid and extremely service-oriented response to our queries as well as suggested improvements, Secunia's services have proven to be particularly valuable to the Bundesbank.

Deutsche Bundesbank also welcomes the intention of Secunia, to show their customers the potential risk of vulnerabilities."

- IT Security Management, Deutsche Bundesbank

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