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of applications on US PCs is End-of-Life and therefore no longer receives security updates from the vendor.


of German PC users had an unpatched operating system.


of UK users had Apple QuickTime 7 installed. 60% of them hadnít patched the program, even though a patch was available. There were 18 vulnerabilities in Apple QuickTime 7.

(source: Secunia PSI Country Reports, Q3 2015)

The Secunia Country Reports tell you how much vulnerable software is present on private PCs in your country, plus a few extra, interesting facts.

Why does it matter?

A vulnerable software program that isn't patched compromises the security of the PC. This is because it leaves the PC vulnerable to being exploited by hackers.

Vulnerabilities are discovered in software programs on a regular basis, and the vendor will release a patch for users to apply in the form of a security update. If users do not perform these updates, their PC will be vulnerable to attacks because hackers can use the vulnerability as an entry point.

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The Secunia Country Reports are published every quarter by Secunia.

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Where does our data come from?

The Secunia Country Reports are based on data from the millions of users of Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI). The data includes the average numbers of installed programs – patched and unpatched – on private PCs in the different countries.

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