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Are ALL of your employees applying ALL security updates to ALL of their devices?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a dynamic trend fuelled by end-user behavior that is being embraced by organizations worldwide. BYOD is blurring the lines between the notion of work and play and, consequently, it is reshaping corporate IT in a major way.

Vulnerable software on endpoints has become one of the most popular attack vectors with cybercriminals. So, how does an organization balance the need for freedom with the need for security? This paper reviews these challenges and outlines best practice recommendations for implementing a BYOD strategy as part of corporate endpoint security.

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"We are convinced and very happy to use the Secunia CSI. Before using the Secunia CSI, fixing the security threats from vulnerable programs on a computer was time consuming and costly." Read more

- Network Systems Administrator


"The Secunia CSI's database is my favourite feature. Most programs are represented here and the intelligence is updated daily. Grupo Unidad Editorial bought the solution because of it - it is the best in the market!" Read more

- CISO, Grupo Unidad Editorial


"The Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) offers great value for Niko Group to optimize the security patch policy." Read more

- Head of IT Security, Niko Group

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