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Securing the Core Dynamos: The Energy and Utilities Sector

Every minute of every day, energy and utilities systems act as the core dynamos that pump the hearts of regional communities and nations across the globe; converting and providing the crucial resources that the world needs to keep functioning – electricity, gas and water, as well as renewable energy such as solar power and geothermal heat.

Reliability and availability of these resources is therefore vital

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This paper from Secunia:

  • Outlines the key challenges for teams managing the security of ICSs in the Energy and Utilities sector
  • Describes the security issues brought on by the interconnectivity between OT – Operational Technology – and IT – Information Technology.
  • Explains how vulnerabilities in software provide the entry points to the networks, platforms and control panels of SCADA systems and other critical ICSs.
  • Highlights notable case stories from the Energy and Utilities sector, which illustrate fundamental problems in OT security and, significantly, how vulnerabilities in the standard software used in ICSs can be damaging.
  • Provides guidance on best practice for addressing – and equalizing – OT and IT security issues.

Secunia is a world-leader in Vulnerability Management.

Our solutions help organizations around the globe manage the security threat posed by software vulnerabilities.

The solutions are powered by the vulnerability intelligence delivered by our in-house Research Team who verify, test and describe vulnerabilities as soon as they are reported.