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Governments are Prime Targets for Cybercrime

The databases and archives of governments and national security infrastructures are prime targets for cyber exploitation by the criminal underworld, because they house masses of confidential, top secret social, economic and military information.

That’s why, in 2012, the U.S. Pentagon allocated a budget of $3.2 billion to protect its military networks from an influx of digital crime.

This paper from Secunia:

  • Outlines the methodology used by hackers and the steps typically used in exploitation attempts.
  • Provides the facts and figures on software vulnerabilities – not just the much-feared zero-days.
  • Looks at how governments approach the cybercrime-vulnerability-endpoint problem - specifically the Australian government.
  • Describes what challenges to address, in order to avoid information security breaches.
  • Offers insights into implementing successful vulnerability management and patch management, and a Best Practice Strategy.

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