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Financial Services
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Financial Services Data Security

Ensure network security for your client's financial data with vulnerability & patch management solutions

Improving transparency, cost control, and risk management in a rapidly changing economic landscape is a major challenge. Not to mention the increasingly threat-filled IT security ecosystem. Meeting security audit obligations and successfully navigating compliance regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), make ensuring data security in financial services increasingly complex.

With the number of vulnerability exploits increasing, data security through network protection, endpoint protection, and intrusion prevention are therefore becoming business-critical issues. Our vulnerability management and patch management solutions help you and your IT security department maintain not only a manageable but also a legally compliant computer network. Non-compliance with security regulations can result in exposure to security breaches, leading to theft of confidential data and fraud.

By safeguarding your IT infrastructure through a comprehensive data security solution tailored to financial services companies, you can protect the critical information assets and financial assets of your customers, employees, and organisation; and successfully meet compliance audit requirements. This in turn strengthens customer confidence and increases revenues. See how our financial services data security solutions help you adhere to necessary information security compliance regulations:

View our testimonials from Financial Services organisations

Secunia chosen by FS-ISAC to provide vulnerability intelligence to members of the FS-ISAC

The new partnership between Secunia and FS-ISAC provides the financial services sector with access to the world’s leading vulnerability intelligence and allows members to benefit from the reliable, comprehensive and accurate threat alerts from Secunia’s Research Team.
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What our customers say

"The undisputed quality of the Secunia feed makes the intelligence actionable across all platforms, regardless of vendors. Such intensive research is currently not provided by the software vendors themselves..."

- Head of Threat Analysis & Forensic

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"Thanks to the high quality of the information provided and the rapid and extremely service-oriented response to our queries as well as suggested improvements, Secunia's services have proven to be particularly valuable to the Bundesbank..."

- IT Security Management

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