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Get prioritized, verified vulnerability alerts across your entire infrastructure. Vulnerability Intelligence Manager covers more than 50,000 systems and applications.

vulnerability intelligence

Verified intelligence

Secunia Research analyze hundreds of potential vulnerabilities every day and release advisories for verified vulnerabilities, containing detailed information which is used by customers to assess risk and determine actions to keep their business protected from cybercriminals and hackers.

vulnerability intelligence

Secunia Advisories

Secunia Advisories is the result of the expert work from Secunia Research. Starting in 2003 and covering over 50,000 applications and systems today, each advisory represents a full picture of a vulnerable product.

Program Coverage

Extensive Coverage

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager contains one of the largest software vulnerability databases in the market covering over 50,000 applications and systems across all platforms. We are committed to track all software vendors and products, including industrial control systems as well as software prevalent in e.g. the financial or pharmaceutical sectors.

Customized Reporting

Comprehensive Management

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager includes a comprehensive set of management features to drive alerts, risk assessment, mitigation, verification and continuous reporting. Those features make the intelligence provided by Secunia Research actionable and link the steps of the Software Vulnerability Management lifecycle.


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Are you currently a user of the Secunia VIM 4.0?

On November 10 2015, Flexera Software released the Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016. If you are currently a user of the Secunia VIM 4.0, find out what it means to you.

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Introducing Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016!

Flexera Software just released Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 - the first of the former Secunia products to be released under the Flexera Software brand.

Join us for an introduction and demo of Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 and learn how the verified intelligence from Secunia Research and the functionality of the product can help your organization effectively reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers

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Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016
Secunia VIM

Reduce your attack surface for cybercriminals

Vulnerability Intelligence Manager is a powerful software vulnerability management solution that facilitates effective reduction of the attack surface for cybercriminals, based on verified intelligence from Secunia Research, covering all applications and systems across all platforms. It drives prioritization by handling intelligence, workflows, tickets and alerts, and documents the steps to mitigate the risk of costly breaches.

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"The VIM provides our CERT team the timely vulnerability information they need to focus on managing IT incidents, rather than hunting down information"


"Thanks to the high quality of the information provided and the rapid and extremely service-oriented response to our queries as well as suggested improvements, Secunia's services have proven to be particularly valuable to the Bundesbank."


"By having a central place to go to find all security vulnerabilities for devices across the utility spectrum, greatly reduces the manual effort involved in meeting the requirement to assess all vulnerabilities..."


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