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Extensive vulnerability intelligence coverage

The Secunia VIM provides comprehensive vulnerability intelligence coverage for over 50,000 systems and applications including Adobe, Mozilla Firefox and Google and Microsoft.

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As only 22% of vulnerabilities affect Microsoft programs and operating systems, it is critical to have the correct vulnerability intelligence to spot the vulnerabilities in the remaining 78% - the third-party programs.

The threat to third-party programs is on the increase: the share of vulnerabilities in these increased from 45% to 78% from 2006 to 2011, emphasizing the need for intelligent vulnerability management, a fact many companies do not incorporate into their security strategies and procedures.

The incorrect perception that Microsoft programs still represent the primary attach vector for cyber-criminals means that defences based on this assumption are as effective as locking the front door to your home while the back door is left wide open.

The Secunia VIM has the most extensive vulnerability intelligence coverage of any vulnerability management solution on the market.

The Secunia VIM allows you to define customized filters according to software responsibility and compliance criteria for each of the recipients in your organization. Personalized security alerts are then issued in real-time to the correct individual whenever a new vulnerability threat that could affect your IT infrastructure is discovered.

The Secunia Vulnerability Database is updated daily with advisories from our renowned research team. As a Secunia VIM customer you have the opportunity to suggest new systems and applications for inclusion in our vulnerability research. Our research team examines the suggested software and, upon qualification, adds them to the Secunia Vulnerability Database.

Leveraging the industry’s most extensive and reliable source of vulnerability intelligence, the Secunia VIM has been declared "CVE Compatible" by The Mitre Corporation.

With the Secunia VIM, optimizing your security processes to handle vulnerabilities and protecting your critical information assets against potential attacks has never been easier.

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