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Frequently Asked Questions (VIM)

All Frequently Asked Questions on the vulnerability intelligence manager answered. From What is VIM? to usage requirements and troubleshooting advice.

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VIM General

What is the Secunia VIM?

The Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) allows all necessary stakeholders in one organization to receive a filtered feed of verified vulnerability intelligence in real-time as verified by Secunia Research. It includes advanced workflow and reporting capabilities in order to build up a vulnerability management process and document towards compliances.

Expand Is the Secunia VIM a software solution or an appliance?

Expand How often is the vulnerability database updated?

Expand Is your product CVE compatible?

Expand Which software vendors/products can I track for vulnerabilities with the Secunia VIM?



Expand Is it possible to evaluate the Secunia VIM?

Expand How do I get an evaluation license for the Secunia VIM extended?

Expand How do I contact Secunia Customer Support Center?



Expand What are the minimum system requirements for running the Secunia VIM?

Expand How do I obtain a new license?



Expand How can I access my Secunia VIM solution?

Expand I am receiving too many Secunia Advisories on my mobile number. How can I fix this?

Expand Does the Secunia VIM allow concurrent sessions from the same account?

Expand I need to reset my Secunia VIM login credentials. How can I do it?

Expand I cannot find the vendor or the software that I would like to monitor with the Secunia VIM. How can I request new software to be added to the Secunia VIM database?

Expand I would like to have more Recipients in the Secunia VIM. How can I increase this?

Expand Is there any Secunia VIM documentation regarding its setup and usage?

Expand I cannot find help in this FAQ. How can I contact Secunia support?


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