Main features of Secunia VIM 4.0

Extensive Coverage

The Secunia VIM offers the largest vulnerability management coverage in the industry, with more than 50,000 systems and applications comprehensively monitored for new and existing threats.

Secunia CSI Extensive Coverage

Continuous alerts

When Secunia Research verifies a new vulnerability, the Secunia VIM can alert you across a range of platforms including SMS and email, enabling you stay advised of threats to your network wherever you are.

Secunia CSI Continuous alerts


The Secunia VIM lets you create specific vulnerability management reports for different product categories across your entire IT infrastructure by assigning filtering criteria, ensuring that you receive vulnerability alerts and intelligence relevant to your specific needs.

Secunia Filtering


The Secunia VIM gives you automated and customized reports covering all advisories on new vulnerability threats across all your network devices.

Secunia CSI covers programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors

Complete Secunia VIM 4.0 feature list

Vulnerability Research

The Secunia VIM security team verifies software vulnerabilities, assuring that the intelligence deliver is of high quality, and great accuracy and reliability. The technical analysis of the information gives us the optimal understanding of likely security threats, and arms us to better protect our customers against future vulnerabilities.

Built-in Ticketing System

The Secunia VIM ticketing system lets you track and document each vulnerability advisory individually, so you can ensure everyone is handled appropriately and you can track your vulnerability management history.

Covers All Software

You can track all software vendors and products with the Secunia VIM, including industrial control systems as well as software prevalent in e.g. the financial or pharmaceutical sectors. If a product is not already tracked, Secunia customers can use the Suggest Software feature to add the product to our database within three business days.


The Secunia VIM supports multiple accounts across a range of units, regions, segments and locations to ensure that the relevant software administrators are always up to date on the threats to their specific systems


The Secunia VIM delivers intelligence which helps software security teams counter threats from the many software vulnerabilities for which there are no security patches. It contains possible solutions for your mitigation strategy, with suggestions to e.g. change networks and system configurations.

Access to the Secunia Vulnerability Database

With a VIM account you have full access to the Secunia Vulnerability Database – independent of your own filters and inventory. You can search for any particular advisory in our 50,000+ large Vulnerability Database which has been updated and maintained since the inception of Secunia in 2002.

Advisory Approval

The Secunia VIM lets administrators add comments and recommendations to advisories before they’re sent to the relevant IT staff. This helps you handle vulnerability threats in a controlled and cohesive way.

Activity Log

Displays information about user activity within the Secunia VIM, for example "write" actions, logins, and so on. Users can access a full activity and login log for compliance monitoring and auditing purposes

Flexible Alert Formats

The Secunia VIM can alert you to vulnerability advisories so you can stay up to date wherever you are.

Historic Advisories

Access a comprehensive and thorough collection of reports and statistics about all Secunia Advisories affecting your inventory - with no false positives/false negatives and without scanning.

Policy Compliance

The Secunia VIM allows administrators to prioritize different vulnerabilities based on criticality, CVSS and other relevant factors, so they’re always up to date and compliant.

Dashboard Interface

The Secunia VIM customizable dashboard is a concise and easy-to-use interface thatgives you an overview of vulnerability management processes. Access your latest vulnerability intelligence and advisories, features such as the Secunia blog and forum, and more.

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