1: Secunia Research monitors all information about software vulnerabilities

When a potential software vulnerability is publically disclosed, the Secunia Research Team get to work on verifying that it is in fact a vulnerability. Once confirmed, Secunia analyzes the severity and what software might be affected.

Then, a standardized and 100% vendor independent Secunia Advisory is written for the vulnerability, detailing attack vector, criticality rating, impact and solution.

Secunia VIM
Secunia VIM

2: Secunia customers receive software vulnerability intelligence

The Secunia Advisory is uploaded to the Secunia VIM, and adapted intelligence feeds are delivered to Secunia’s customers, based on customized pre-configured filters, to ensure the right groups of people are alerted whenever a new vulnerability that could affect your IT infrastructure is discovered.

You can customize filters according to e.g. software responsibility, compliance criteria or geography for each of the recipients in your organization.

3: Security alerts go out and tickets are created

Personalized security alerts – via email or SMS - are then issued in real-time to the correct individual in your organization.

A ticket will be created when a relevant Secunia Advisory is issued. The ticket is in effect a VIM–based interface and enables your organization to manage the vulnerability based on the current state of all products, vendors, and asset lists.

Secunia VIM
Secunia VIM

4: Manage vulnerability intelligence based on compliance policies

Throughout the vulnerability management process you are able to generate reports. You can also configure internal compliance policy rules based on the compliance policies relevant to your organization.

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