Main features of Secunia CSI 7.0

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Integration

The Secunia CSI integrates seamlessly with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. From Microsoft System Center 2012 you can manage all your security updates - including the non-Microsoft ones – and patch directly from one console. The Secunia CSI also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft WSUS.

Secunia CSI integrates smoothly with Microsoft SCCM

Third-party Integration for Patching

The Secunia CSI can now be easily integrated with your preferred patch deployment solution (e.g. the Altiris Deployment Solution) to allow for easy patch management (patch scanning, patch creation and patch deployment).

Secunia CSI easily integrates for third-party patch management

Smart Groups 2.0

Easily filter and segment your data to prioritize what is important for you based on Products, Devices or Advisories. Create and schedule on-demand reports based on these Smart Group filters. Receive email notifications and SMS alerts to be immediately notified when an event occurs that is relevant to you.

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Secunia Smart Groups 2.0

Extensive Program Coverage

The Secunia CSI covers programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors – more third-party programs than anyone else – including practically every program that runs on Microsoft operating systems.

Secunia CSI covers programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors

Complete Secunia CSI 7.0 feature list

User Management

Create user accounts with different roles and permissions, thereby allowing these users to only access the data (for example based on an IP range or your Active Directory) and modules (for example Scanning, Reporting and Patching) that are relevant for them.

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PSI for Android

Scan your mobile devices running Android for application vulnerabilities with the Secunia PSI for Android, and integrate this with the Secunia CSI to get a full overview of the security status of all devices in your network, for example to support your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

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Patch Configuration

Get configurable patches out-of-the-box that can be easily customized to support your environment, for example to avoid desktop shortcuts and prompting users to accept an EULA when deploying new updates.

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Secunia SC2012 Plugin 2.0 (Add-on)

Get access to all third-party updates directly in Microsoft System Center 2012 via the Secunia SC2012 Plugin, and use your predefined collections in Microsoft System Center 2012 for scheduling custom scans of your infrastructure.

Web Console (SaaS)

Log in to the Secunia CSI from any internet browser for instant access to your data and reports - anywhere, at any time. Please note that for some modules (for example Patching) to work, a browser plugin is required. This is currently available for Internet Explorer.

Activity Log

View a full log of all activities in the Secunia CSI, including "write" actions, logins, and so on. This is, for example, valuable for compliance and auditing purposes or for troubleshooting or investigating specific incidents.

Live Update

Get an immediate overview of how a new vulnerability affects your infrastructure based on your latest scan results as soon as the advisory has been released by Secunia Research – no more waiting for the next scanning to take place.

Comprehensive Overview

The Secunia CSI customizable dashboard is a concise, easy-to-use interface that gives you a complete overview of your network’s security compliance. Access your site and software overviews, scan history, patch management software and more.


The Secunia CSI helps you plan and prioritise your patch management by rating insecure programs and plug-ins in terms of criticality.

Authenticated Scanning

The Secunia CSI authenticated scanning process tracks the progress of scans so you get up to date results of unparalleled accuracy.

Easy Remediation

The Secunia CSI pinpoints the exact location of the vulnerable programs and plug-ins that pose a threat to your network and provides direct links to the relevant fixes.

Active Directory Integration

Automatically update organisational units and structure in the Secunia CSI when changes are made to the Active Directory, and avoid double-work and ensure that your environment is always in sync.

Scans Apple Mac OSX and RHEL

The Secunia CSI scans programs on Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to empower users to extensively cover their devices and get an even more comprehensive overview of programs and vulnerabilities in their environment with the Secunia CSI.

Microsoft WSUS Integration

The Secunia CSI integrates seamlessly with Microsoft WSUS, making it easy to patch programs and plug-ins through automatic repackaging and publishing to Microsoft WSUS.

Integration with Secunia PSI

Integration with Secunia PSI 3.0 allows you to also manage PCs that are not regularly connected to your network. The Secunia PSI 3.0 provides automatic updating and a simple user interface available in multiple languages, thereby making PC maintenance a straight forward and easy task for all users with administrative privileges on their PCs.

Secunia Package System (SPS)

The Secunia Package System offers enhanced integration of Secunia CSI and Microsoft WSUS, which increases your scope and flexibility for patching and configuring hosts.

Custom Software Scanning

The Secunia CSI can now be used to scan custom software. That is, if you have (non-public) software that has been designed for your organisation, you can use the Secunia CSI to identify exactly on which hosts this is present, and deploy updates using the Secunia Package System (SPS) together with your existing deployment solution.

Incorporate scan results to Secunia VIM

As a Secunia CSI user, you can feed your scanned inventory into the Secunia VIM. The products scanned from the CSI will be added to the Secunia VIM Asset List on the next synchronization.

Scheduled Data Export

Use the Exporting function to schedule automatic exports of data, for example data required to be automatically imported into a GRC tool for compliance purposes.

Scheduled Scans

The Secunia CSI lets you schedule software scans so you can conduct them concurrently, reducing your network bandwidth consumption and speeding up the scanning process. Scheduling scans also makes it easy to conduct compliance audits and ensure patches have been successfully installed.

Password Policy Configuration

Determine and enforce the global password policy for your organization to comply with internal and external policies as well as to meet best-practice standards in your industry.

Insightful Reporting

The Secunia CSI can create prescheduled status reports for individual stakeholders, generated at intervals of your choosing and delivered by email.

Program and Plug-in Security Status

The Secunia CSI gives you exact, up to date information about your network’s security compliance by showing the insecure / end-of-life / patched status of all your programs.

IP Access Management

Use the IP Access Management window to configure the IP addresses the Secunia CSI console can be accessed from, thereby further limiting the risk of unauthorized access to the console and your environment.

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