We have discontinued the Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI).

To secure your PC, we recommend these alternatives.
Get a free trial for Secunia CSI

Are you a business user?

Then we recommend that you try the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector the Secunia CSI.
The Secunia CSI delivers complete patch management and is scalable to businesses of all sizes.
It combines scanning and patching, and covers more than 20,000 different applications from over 3,000 non-Microsoft vendors.

Download the free Secunia PSI

Are you a private user?

Then we recommend that you download the Secunia Personal Software Inspector the Secunia PSI.
Its free, it detects any vulnerable software on your computer, and it automatically updates the vulnerable software to a secure version.
With the Secunia PSI on your PC you dont have to remember to do regular scans to ensure that all your programs are secure Secunia does it for you.