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anon_private Secunia PSI + Resources
Member 22nd Jul, 2013 05:06
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PSI seems to use a lot of my resources. I only have 1GB of RAM. Is it useable?

How can I reduce system requirements.

I also can't activate the forgotten password feature on this site.


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E.Jeppesen RE: Secunia PSI + Resources
Secunia Official 22nd Jul, 2013 14:15
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The PSI should not use a lot of resources unless it is scanning. It will start an automatic scan when 7 days have passed since the last scan. If you find the PSI to use too many resources during this weekly scan you can decide in the settings to only start and scan with the PSI manually.

The PSI does not use a lot of RAM but I think you will experience a generally faster computer if you increase your RAM to above your current 1 GB.

Thank you for pointing out the issue with the “Forgot password?” feature. We are now working to get it fixed.

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